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   Spector Studio is a reference to Phil when he invented the Wall Of Sound and revolutionized the rock music at the radio.

   Let's make it simple : a recording room which sounds pretty nice, a control room like a space rocket cockpit, a blend of original vintage preamps-compressors or cloned by ourselves, a vintage microphones park (neuman-akg-schoepps), tubes, no mixing desk but a summing system with 3 output modes 'earth' 'ice' & 'fire', a control surface for automations, protools HD, even a modular synth called Elvis (formerly built for Jethro Tull) and the rest is energy, processing, hard work, emotion, anything to make everyone better, having the mojo and getting airplays.

   We produce some 50’s Rock 'n' Roll recorded live like in the good old days, some dark-belgian-disco, some dance music, some pop, some afro pop and even some corporate scrores for the european union films, always with devotion and passion because we think everything is challenging.

   Spector Studio is not a studio but a musical instrument we have crafted.