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Stereotaure - Passive Edition
3-way Monitoring Switcher with Sub mute and trims.

   Designed with Belgian producer, live and studio sound engineer Alexandre Leroy (Angèle, Puggy, Alice On The Roof, Charles, etc.) for his studio, the goal was to have a fully passive monitoring switcher with a sub-mute and the option to trim the 3 outputs to get consistent listening levels when switching from a pair of monitors to the others.

   You might ask : "If it's passive, then why is there a power adaptor?" - Because the Stereotaure uses relays, relays are little switches that are commanded by electricity, it is the best way to preserve the sound's integrity because it takes the shortest path from a point to the other and avoids the solution of using long wires from the back-connectors to the front-switch !

   The trimmers on the front of the Stereotaure allow you to attenuate each output to a maximum of about -13dB, there are 3 DIP switches inside the device to completely disconnect the passive pad if you want a completely raw signal path on one or any of the 3 outputs : DIP switches instructions

   - XLR or TRS jack balanced inputs.

   - XLR balanced outputs for outputs 1, 2 and Sub output.

   - TRS jack balanced outputs or RCA unbalanced outputs for output 3 (We designed it that way because Alexandre like to check his mixes on consumer bluetooth speakers, so it's easy to plug an RCA to minijack cable on output 3, but it's still possible to go balanced with TRS jack cables).

   - The Stereotaure is protected against overvoltage and PSU polarity inversion, so if you mistakenly use the wrong power adaptor, you should not ruin your device.

- Dimensions : 18,7 x 8,9 x 14,6 cm
- Weight : 0,930 Kg
- Power adapter (Included) : 12 VDC (POSITIVE center pin, 5,5/2,1mm) - 200mA minimum (can be anything more, i.e. 500mA, 1000mA, 1A, 2A etc.)

Price : 310,00 € excl. vat
372,00 € incl. vat
(VAT applicable for EU countries)

Shipping →
France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg : 20€ (excl. vat)
Europe, USA, Mediterranean Basin : 36€
World : 69€
(Contact us for Mondial Relay
or any other shipping option)


Ordering :